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About our Apps Shopum & Shopum Earn.

All-in-One E-Commerce Solution for Sellers and Customers

"Welcome to Shopum and Shopum Earn Apps, the all-in-one e-commerce solution for sellers and customers alike. With the Shopum Earn app, sellers can manage their products, sales, and auctions effortlessly, while Shopum provides customers with a secure and convenient platform for purchasing, bidding, chatting and gifting. Whether you're looking to grow your business or make hassle-free purchases, Shopum and Shopum Earn apps have got you covered with our innovative wallet system and user-friendly interface. Also, our chat system enables customer-seller interactions which help customers find the products they're looking for, recommend products based on their interests, and complete transactions. so Start selling and shopping today with Shopum and Shopum Earn Apps!" just like our slogan "Unlock the Possibilities - Shop, Rent, Auction, chat & Gift with Ease!

Some basic info about our Apps

Accounts registrations done in shopum EARN app can be used to login into the Shopum app so sellers have no need to register again in Shopum app. Registrations done in the Shopum app cannot be used to login into the shopum app.

With our app, you can buy a product outright or bid and purchase items from different vendors/sellers in just a few clicks if they enabled it for auctions. Users will bid on items and compete against other users. Once a user bids on an item, their money is placed on hold until the auction ends, and if the user wins the auction, their money is deducted from the wallet. If another customer bids higher than the user, their money is returned back to their wallet.

Our wallet system allows you to store your funds, manage your balance and keep track of all your transactions. You can also transfer money to and from your wallet in a secure and fast manner to other users as you wish.

Gifting using the app serves to:

1. To show appreciation for excellent customer service 2. To thank the seller for delivering a product on time 3. To reward the seller for offering a competitive price 4. To encourage the seller to keep providing good quality products 5. To motivate the seller to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction

General Info

1. Shopum app is customer-focused, designed to make it easier for buyers to find and purchase items.

2. Shopum Earn app is a seller-focused, designed to make it easier for sellers to rent an online shop, upload their products and services, and manage their online presence.

3. Both apps support auctions, allowing buyers to bid on items and services.

4. The apps also support digital wallets, allowing users to securely store funds and manage their balance.

5. Transactions can be done through the apps, making it convenient and secure for users to shop.

6. The apps provide customers with a wide range of products and services, from electronics, and home appliances, to health and beauty items, car parts, and more including services.

7. Sellers can easily manage their online shop, update their shop information, and upload new products and services.

8. The apps also offer several features such as product reviews and notifications to keep customers informed and updated.

9. Sellers can also benefit from user reviews to gain feedback from buyers.

10. The apps also provide customers with the option to pay through multiple payment methods,

11. The e-commerce app offers a convenient way for buyers and sellers to exchange virtual gifts.

12. Gifts can be cashed, allowing sellers to monetize them.

13. Through the app, buyers and sellers can also connect with each other and build relationships, which can help increase loyalty and trust.

14. There are different plans and commission levels so you can choose what suits you.

Product images need to be clear and concise, providing potential customers with a detailed look at the item they want to purchase or are bidding on. The key is to provide potential customers with clear, detailed, and high-quality images that accurately represent the item.

My Name is Justice Ezihe & am a content Manager with Shopum Ltd. I urge you to Take Action: Download the Shopum app and Shopum earn apps from the Play Store and App Store to unlock a world of opportunities for your business needs. Don't forget to follow us on our social media platforms for updates, tips, and promotions:

For more information and to explore our website, visit If you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at

Visit us at our address: Suite P6 Man-made Plaza, No. 10 Mbari Street Ikenegbu Layout, Owerri 460281, Imo state, Nigeria.

Take the first step towards maximizing your business potential with Shopum and join our thriving community today.

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Shopum Earn: Shopum Earn ios Download Link


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