Sumec Firman Eco 4990ES 3.5KVA

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If you're searching for a reliable power generator with robust construction, efficient fuel consumption, and quiet operation, then the Sumec Firman ECO 4990ES 3.5KVA generator should be a contender on your list. This unit is specifically designed to provide a dependable power source during blackouts or in locations where grid electricity is unavailable.

Brand and Model

The ECO 4990ES is part of Sumec Firman's range of generators. The brand is renowned for its dedication to creating products that deliver exceptional performance and longevity, ensuring they stand the test of time.

Starting and Running Capacity

This generator has a starting capacity of 3400 watts or 3.5KVA, meaning it can handle the initial surge power required by appliances when they're switched on. Once running, the ECO 4990ES provides a steady power output of 3100 watts or 3.5KVA. This running capacity is sufficient to power a selection of household appliances or small business equipment simultaneously.

Output and Phase Number

With an output of 220V, the ECO 4990ES is geared to meet the electricity requirements of most domestic and some commercial appliances. It's a single-phase generator, making it ideal for residential use or for smaller commercial setups.

Engine and Alternator

The Sumec Firman ECO 4990ES is equipped with a SPE200E Max 6.5HP 4-stroke single-cylinder engine. This engine utilizes an overhead valve (OHV) design and is air-cooled, ensuring efficient operation and cooling under load.

The alternator is brushless, self-exciting, and synchronous, boasting 2-pole, 100% Copper Enamelled Wire. This design is intended to produce clean and steady electrical output, crucial for powering sensitive electronics.

Starting System and Fueling

Users have the flexibility to choose between a recoil or electric start system, which can be particularly useful during colder weather conditions when generators may struggle to start. The ECO 4990ES runs on petrol, with a tank capacity of 15 liters.

Run Time and Dimensions

This generator offers 13 hours of operation at 50% load on a full tank, providing prolonged power supply during prolonged outages. The dimensions of the ECO 4990ES are 597mm (length) by 465mm (width) by 487mm (height), making it relatively compact for its power output.

Noise Level

Despite its power, the ECO 4990ES operates at a noise level of 66dB when measured at 7 meters, which is relatively quiet compared to many generators in its class. This makes it a suitable choice for use in noise-sensitive environments.

The Sumec Firman ECO 4990ES 3.5KVA generator strikes a balance between power, performance, and quiet operation. Its notable features make it a valuable addition to any home or small business, providing a dependable power source when needed.

Sumec Firman Eco 4990ES 3.5KVA

  • Brand: Sumec Firman
  • Model: ECO 4990ES
  • Starting capacity: 3400WATTS, 3.5KVA
  • Running Capacity: 3100WATTS, 3.5KVA
  • Output: 220V
  • Phase No.: Single Phase
  • Engine: SPE200E Max 6.5HP 4-stroke single cylinder, OHV, air cooled
  • Alternator:  Brush,self exciting, synchronous,2-pole,100% Copper Enamelled Wire
  • Starting System:  Recoil / Electric
  • Petrol Tank Capacity: 15L
  • Fueling: Petrol
  • Run Time per Tankful: 13Hrs @ 50% Load
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 597*465*487
  • Noise Level @ 7 Meters: 66dB

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