Are you a seller!

Are you looking for a convenient and secure platform to sell your products & make money?
Look no further than Shopum, the premier app for buying and selling with ease and convenience. As a seller on Shopum, you'll have access to a wide range of features and tools to help you manage your sales and reach new customers.
With our wallet feature, you can securely receive payments from buyers and easily withdraw your funds to your bank account. Plus, our auction feature allows you to set up bidding wars and attract more buyers to your listings.
Becoming a seller & earning money on Shopum is easy and straightforward. Simply create an account, upgrade to a paid subscription plan, list your products, and start selling & earning! Our team is always available to provide support and answer any questions you may have about selling on our platform. You can get most of the help you need in our tutorial videos.
A seller in Shopum is the same as a vendor and can list products for sale or services. Once you register as a vendor you will automatically be added to the free plan where you can only list your profile picture & familiarize yourself with the app.
If you are in a vendor-paid plan (view plans pricing) not only can you list products & services or more, but you can also post blog posts/articles to promote your products & store. You can engage in chat-based interactions for financial gain, receive cash gifts/tips from customers/other vendors, share personal pictures, provide unique services, host product auctions, and even sell Kash credits to other customers & vendors. You can even contact other vendors and do a couple of services for them like SEO of their page and products. The earning list/capabilities are endless.
In order to facilitate the smooth processing of vendor-paid plan payments, all transactions will undergo manual verification. 
Plan Payments should be made directly into our Union Bank account using the following details:

Account Number: 0174071999
Account Name: Shopum LTD 
After completing the payment, please provide the following information:
[1] Transferred Amount
[2] Sender Account Name 
[3] Sender Bank Name 
[4] Sender account Registered Email address

Send this information to the WhatsApp number +234 906 953 3925. This will streamline the processing procedure. 
Once you have completed the registration, make the plan payment and notify us. 
We will manually upgrade you to the respective plan. At Shopum, we are committed to helping you make money & creating a safe and secure marketplace for our users. That's why we have strict policies in place to ensure that all transactions are legitimate and comply with our guidelines. Our team is dedicated to monitoring our platform for any signs of fraudulent activity or unauthorized behavior, so you can feel confident when selling on Shopum.
Join the growing community of satisfied sellers on Shopum today and start reaching new customers and making more sales. We're excited to have you on board! So Start selling & Earning!

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  • Account approval is automatic so login with your email and password.
  • Showcase your products in our marketplace and sell them.
  • Write articles, post pictures & videos to promote your products & store.