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How to create a product in the Shopum Earn app

Creating a Product in Shopum Earn App: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a product in Shopum Earn app: To create a product in the Shopum Earn app, you need to navigate through several tabs, including the general tab, images tab, shipping properties tab, and add-ons tab.

In the General Tab:

The first important criteria to fill out is the product name, which should be clear and descriptive to attract potential buyers.

The second is the category of the product, which helps the app to categorize your product and make it easier to find for potential customers.

The third is the price of the product, which should be carefully considered based on your costs and competitors' prices to make it competitive and profitable.

The fourth is the full product description, which should provide detailed information about the product's features, specifications, and benefits to help buyers make informed decisions.

Under Pricing/Inventory:

    The list price refers to the price at which the product is being offered for sale on the app.     In stock refers to the number of units. When a product is "in stock", it means that the seller has a certain number of units available for purchase. If a product is out of stock, the "buy" button option will not appear on the product listing, and the product can only be sold through an auction. If you want your product to be sold exclusively through an auction, you should set the stock value to 0.

However, if you want your product to be available for both direct purchase and auction, you should set the stock value to 1 or higher. This will allow customers to purchase the product directly, while also giving you the option to auction off any remaining units.

Under shipping properties tab: To list your product under free shipping, You need to go under the shipping properties tab, then click on "Free Shipping." and select yes. Products without free shipping mean fees will be paid by the customer and customers need to liaise and communicate with the seller on how to ship to their address. they have to pay for shipping before it's shipped.

 1. General Tab:     The first step in creating a product on the Shopum Earn app is to navigate to the "Create a product" section and select the "General" tab. Here, you'll need to provide some basic information about your product, including the product name, category, price, and a full product description. These are important criteria that need to be filled out accurately, as they will help potential customers find your product and understand what it offers.

 2. Pricing/Inventory Tab:     The next tab to fill out is the "Pricing/Inventory" tab. Here, you'll set the list price, which is the price at which your product will be listed on the Shopum platform. You'll also need to specify the number of products you have in stock. This is important to prevent overselling and ensure that you have enough inventory to fulfill orders.

3. Images Tab:     The "Images" tab is where you'll add product images and videos. When adding a video, make sure it's at least one minute long; otherwise, YouTube will classify it as a short video, and the Shopum app does not support YouTube short links. Once you have your video ready, grab the link, paste it into the dialogue box, and submit. When it shows "video added," it's done. If you want to delete any images or videos, click the red delete button that shows in every tab.

Shopum has 2 categories, products and services, and under products, we have brand-new and used

To list your products write clearly your product name, which should be clear and descriptive to attract potential buyers. so customers are going to do more of searches so your description needs to be clear.

Adding videos to your listing through you tube links

Adding videos to your product listing on Shopum through YouTube links can provide several advantages for sellers. When you add videos to your product listing, potential buyers can get a better understanding of the product's features, quality, and performance, which can increase the likelihood of them making a purchase.

Here's how you can add videos to your product listing through YouTube links on the Shopum app:

    Go to the "Images" tab on the product listing page.     Click on the "Add Video" button.     Select the option to add a YouTube link.     Paste the link of your YouTube video in the provided field.     Click "Submit."

Now let's explore some of the advantages of adding videos to your product listing through YouTube links:

 Increased Engagement: By adding videos to your product listing, you can capture the attention of potential buyers more effectively than with just images and text. A video provides a more dynamic and engaging experience, which can lead to increased interest in your product and ultimately more sales.

 Better Communication: Videos allow you to demonstrate your product's features, benefits, and usage in a more effective and concise way than text or images alone. This can help potential buyers understand your product better and make a more informed decision about whether to purchase it.

 Improved SEO: Including videos in your product listing can also improve your search engine optimization (SEO) on Shopum and other search engines. Videos tend to rank higher in search results than text or images, so by including a video in your product listing, you increase the chances of it being discovered by potential buyers.

 Competitive Advantage: Adding videos to your product listings can also give you a competitive advantage over other sellers who don't use videos. If your competitors are only using images and text to promote their products, you can stand out by using videos to showcase your products' unique features and benefits.

Overall, adding videos to your product listings through YouTube links can be a powerful tool for increasing engagement, improving communication, enhancing your SEO, and gaining a competitive advantage on the Shopum platform.

How to Get Your Product Approved:

Step 1: Wait for the Shopum Earn team to review your product. Step 2: If your product meets the criteria for approval, it will be approved. Step 3: If your product does not meet the criteria, the Shopum Earn team will provide you with feedback on how to improve it.

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